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First use: 2007/01/03

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A version of Healing, applicable to Errants, but the comparison doesn't do it justice. Regular healing, e.g. repair of battle wounds, bears about the same relation to an Omega-Heal that changing a tire on a car does to building an M1 tank from a collection of parts, if not raw steel. Ian Samael is the only character yet seen to use it, and that only in his Anilis-supercharged persona.

Unfortunately, recent events have shown that Omega Heal is not all powerful - it would seem the influence of the Half-Elf 'reset' switch is more potent than it was previously given credit for.


Hard to describe; let Poe himself take a whack at it, as in the "Poe Notes" below.

As seen from the outside world, an Omega-Heal appears to work on the very essence of the recipient. It doesn't just fix owies, it gets at the most fundamental things that are wrong with Errants, the "congenital" things that garden-variety Healing spells can't touch. It's fair to say that this isn't something they teach in mage school, let alone medical school; Healers can't do it.

Where Used

Ian has gotten plenty of use out of this one following his return to Santuariel. His first use of it is to fix Leah's congenital lung problem, doing her vision some oh-by-the-way good in the process. This being the first time he's ever cast it, it was dangerously hard on the both of them. However, he's become more proficient over the extended arc of his stay in town, and used it on many of the Errants of Santuariel to the point where he's acquired something of a following. It's unlikely that this will end well, however.

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Poe Notes:|

(Taken from this thread in the old kyhm forums)

"Let’s put it these terms, every few hours a half elf (or elf for that matter) body slowly resets all the various features back to its original factory installed default presets. Now, normal magical powered healing would just be changing features to something else... which ends up being a pointless waste of time since those changes will just be reset back to default. The thing Ian did was to instead change what the actual default presets were so it doesn't matter if it resets or not.

Now this only applies to actual internal changes to how the elf/half elf’s body is made or works... its genetic structure and the like.

Outside stuff like cuts, broken bones, bruises, or viruses are a completely different matter since those don’t really alter the body’s inherent make up in any way, normal healing affects those just fine."

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