Random Bully

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Portrait N/A
First Appearance: 2003/02/19
Appears In: Chapter 2
02/19, 02/21

Chapter 4
09/08, 09/10, 09/12
Mentioned In: 2003/07/09

This clichéd unwashed retarded thug was first seen trying to mug Chris and sell him into slavery. He proved that he was not a gay clichéd unwashed retarded thug when he attempted to mug and sell Meji into slavery. He and one of his buddies were consequently thrown through/over a building, while one of his compatriots was squashed under a giant rock. He was later seen fleeing interrogation by Sarine.

The gang's named members include Malcolm, James, and/or the Pottle boy, but we don't know who's who, and whether RB himself is one of these worthies.

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