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A character in Does Not Play Well With Others, introduced here. He prefers the handle Artificer, but as a bad guy, he doesn't automatically get his way with such things.

Whatever you call him, he's a stereotypical supervillain, or at least a send-up of one (everything in DNPWWO is a send-up of something or other). As such he comes into frequent conflict with Craig Kirkland, whom he knows under his own superhero-ish handle of Falchion. (Craig finds that basically as lame as Tekmage finds his own moniker.) This produces interesting interpersonal dynamics, as Craig/Falchion has developed a case of the hots for Tekmage's daughter Janis. His reaction to learning about this relationship, as the two are engaging in mortal combat, isn't exactly what one might have expected. Then again, neither is the father-daughter relationship.

We'll undoubtedly see more of him and his nemesis, so stay tuned.

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