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A class of mage, mentioned here. It isn't clear what they do, but from the context, it sounds like they do diagnostics on people's magical well-being paralleling what lifemages do for one's health/well-being/life-force/etc.

Meji wonders whether the newly Anilis-supercharged Ian might be well advised to see a theurgist after he collects her from Thranel and sets off for Santuariel. She's concerned that he doesn't seem to know just what got into him and how he got insanely powerful with his magic. Unfortunately, he doesn't listen, instead continuing on to Santuariel to try to heal, or if necessary resurrect, his sister Evelyn -- and we all know how that turns out. If he'd just listened to Meji for once, this story might have had a happier ending (at least for Ian) than it looks like it's going to.

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