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A minor NPC in the Errant Road] on-line role-playing game, never actually encountered in the game but important due to some background information developed from the personal diary of the late, not-at-all-lamented Sister Bree. Presumably he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse, although it's credible that someone doing about the same things might.

Gaetan is a fairly senior priest working for the Cardinal Inquisitor to root out heresy, "correct" (read: torture) heretics, and so on. He and Bree have functioned as a team in this enterprise for some time, and when things get weird in the small town of Gervasiel in connection with the Artifact of Absonial, the two of them are sent to investigate. At least that's the way it starts out; however, for unknown reasons and to Bree's disgust, Gaetan is replaced on the actual mission by the mysterious Father Blaise, soon to become the subject of a long-running Errant Road thread/quest. Nothing more is heard from Gaetan after this bit of bureaucratic shuffling. As far as is known, however, he manages to avoid the grisly deaths suffered by both Bree and (much later) Blaise, and he's presumably still out there somewhere.

We really don't know very much about this guy. We do know that Bree views him with contempt despite their long-running professional partnership, calling him a "milquetoast" and worse in her private diary. That isn't particularly significant, though, as Bree views just about everything with contempt, with the possible exception of her pet cat and that's about it. So any insights into the real character of the man will have to await his reappearance in Errant Road, if even then. It's probably just as well, under the circumstances.

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