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Misa from wallpaper.jpg


Race: Elves
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2006/04/12


Chapter 19

04/12, 04/14

Chapter 20
04/19, 04/21, 04/24, 04/28, 05/01

Chapter 21
06/12, 06/14, 06/16, 06/19, 06/21

Chapter 32
02/18, 02/20, 02/22, 02/25

Chapter 33
02/29, 03/03, 03/07, 03/10

Chapter 35
09/08, 09/10, 09/12, 09/15, 09/17, 09/19

Chapter 36
10/28, 11/03, 11/05, 11/07, 11/10, 11/12

Chapter 49
03/10, 03/14, 03/17, 03/21, 03/24, 03/28, 03/31, 04/07

Chapter 50


2006/05/03, 2007/12/19

Misa is an old friend of Sarine Elle, seen for the first time as a mysterious figure in cool armor. She's not to be confused with the never-seen Mika, a classmate of Meji's (or at least Bani's) at Sashi Mu.

Despite her status as a member of the Viradior, she is apparently still considered a child at almost 1500 years of age; likely the result of being the youngest elf in Praenubilus Astu. She nearly died from an all-in-fun ambush on Sarine that the latter took more seriously than it was intended to be.

Contrary to early speculations, she is not Sarine's sister. However, she does know Sarine well enough to be aware of her ambivalent posture regarding errants. It seems Misa shares this sentiment; when both the Elven Council and Great Houses call in the hunt for Ian, she wants to tag along with Sarine, ominously -- you'd think that someone almost 1500 years old would be aware of red shirt syndrome. Fortunately, Sarine has the good sense to discourage Misa from joining in to become cannon fodder.

Viradior are among the honor guard that accompanies the lecherous Rarune to Tsuirakushiti, but we don't know yet whether Misa is one of them. Most likely not; when she calls on Sarine at the consulate, she's tremendously excited at the prospects of seeing a human, which probably wouldn't be the case if she'd been exposed to the smelly masses of them at Tsuirakushiti. In the consulate sequence, she's out of uniform and just checking out the rumors that have been floating around Praenubilus Astu -- as she points out, "There's not a lot of new things to talk about here," so rumors travel fast. It looks like Misa may be starting to feel the ennui that chased Sarine out of the city way back when. During this episode she becomes a serious fangirl of Sara Amraphel, amazed not only that the Ensigerum still exist, but that they include women.

Later, Misa runs into the party again at the beginning of the grand climactic battle in Praenubilus Astu, as she's among the forces making a futile attempt to stop the berserk Ian from destroying the city. Sarine puts her in charge of helping get the surviving elves to safety. At first this doesn't sit well with Misa, who'd rather die valiantly in battle. However, Sarine explains that she needs someone in charge of the flight that she trusts, and Misa, mollified, goes off to do her duty. We don't know yet whether she's fated to survive the battle, but the smart money is on "yes".

Among Misa's many appealing features is that she's been the subject of some absolutely primo wallpaper, now bundled in with the 2007 wallpaper collection. The thumbnail used in the infobox doesn't do it justice; go buy the thing. Seriously.

Poe Notes:|

Concerning Misa's birth: Fuzzy numbers and dates aside, Misa was born sometime during the latter half of the war and, in fact, it was her birth that gave the war (which was actually slowing down at the time) an extra jolt of life (for the elves anyway) and kept the mess going for another round. Even by the actual end of the war, Misa was still far too young to have actually participated in the conflict, beyond being used as an example that 'the birth of this child is a gift from our gods and sign that what we're doing is the right thing', and had even spent a good chunk of her childhood carefully sheltered from it.

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