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In context, not just any nursery, but the specific one where Sara Amraphel is assigned punishment duty caring for Ensigerum tots. It's first seen here. We don't know why Sara has drawn this distasteful (at least to her) duty, but it proves significant to the story, because monk-wannabe Chris finds her there and chats her up -- only to be stunned when Sara reveals that the reason why his instructors are so hard on him is that the village wants him dead, not that they're trying to bring out his "special powers" or any such nonsense. This may (or may not) be important later, when Chris gets flattened by a force (the Anilis-possessed Ian) considerably more potent than his persecutors in the village.

Sara indicates that there are other children in the nursery besides the fussy little fellow she's bottle-feeding when Chris shows up to chat. This is one of the few hints we've had that the Ensigerum village is large enough to sustain such a place. Really, we don't know much about the village at all, and from the standpoint of the villagers, that's probably a good thing.

Not to be confused with the orphanage from which Sara was extracted as a young child, to join the Ensigerum (and develop a festering resentment for her brother).

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