Santuariel I

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One of the five cities or camps that, at various times, have borne the name of the half-elf sanctuary city of Santuariel. We don't know much about this Santuariel incarnation, except that it was founded during the early stages of the Errant War by those among humans, half elves and elves alike who wanted to give peaceful coexistence a try. Its most illustrious citizens, at least from the story's perspective, were Sarine and her human husband.

Alas, that part of the story didn't end well. Santuariel I was discovered by an Ensigerum faction allied with the "kill-'em-all" side of the Errant War, and Sarine's hubby was killed in an ensuing fight that was the subject of a particularly painful flashback by Sarine. As if that wasn't bad enough, only a week or so earlier, Sarine had lost the baby that we saw her carrying at the very beginning of the story. It's fair to say that her memories of the place aren't warm, as she relates to Jon during an idle moment.

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