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First Appearance: 2006/05/10
Appears In: Chapter 20
05/10, 05/12, 05/15, 05/17, 05/19, 05/22, 05/29

Chapter 35
08/04, 08/06, 08/08, 08/11, 08/13, 08/15, 08/18, 08/20
Mentioned In: 2006/05/03

A member of the Elven Council; although we were not sure which one at first, it now appears she is the black-haired female one. She wasn't too happy with the news that Sarine brought regarding the Giant Magic Potato.

She appears again after Ian's visit, trying to sort out just what happened in the big battle in Praenubilus Astu. She and fellow councilor(?) Masaki receive reports from High Commander Yenhael and Commander Nisotta, from which it's clear that there's dissension in the ranks as to who screwed up (and how) and what to do next. To her credit, she's willing to entertain the possibility that it may be best to send the kidnapped Meji back home to Tsuirakushiti, but this doesn't obscure the fact that she's still roughly as snippy with Sarine as she was on their first recorded encounter.

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