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One of the eras of Errant Story, abbreviated CE. (All time before the start of the Common Era is, rather unimaginatively, called "Before Common Era," or BCE, although there are some subdivisions to that; see below.)

In contrast to most of the other eras, we have very little history yet in the Common Era, because it's just getting started as Errant Story is played out. In fact, the defining event for year zero CE is -- spoiler alert -- the defeat of Ianilis in Praenubilus Astu by Meji Hinadori, which happens in the very last full chapter of Errant Story. (This event leads to an alternative name for the Common Era: the Age of Meji.) The Epilogue does describe some things that happen after that, but by and large, this era just hasn't happened yet. Note that the Common Era is still running over 900 years in the future, although Poe isn't going to write about anything that happens beyond 900 CE. We can't blame him, really.

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