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A minor NPC in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, he doesn't (or didn't, having shuffled off this mortal coil) exist in the Poe-verse.

Clem's life, and more importantly death, is the subject of a fairly important sequence of events in the story of Errant Road, touching on a number of player characters, beginning here. Clem was an undistinguished member of the Gewehr who was thought (correctly) not to be skilled enough to take on some of the more taxing assignments that Wraiths get, and therefore was set the job of patrolling the northern borders of the Gewehr's home turf, centered on the town of Kugelheim. This assignment, coupled with normal professional animosities and his own less-than-stable disposition, brought him into conflict with the Eisenfaust, another of the mercenary outfits ("guilds," to give them a polite title, or "gangs," to be somewhat more blunt about it) common in Farrel. However, he also came into conflict with his own bosses in the Gewehr, simply because they wouldn't let the friction with the Eisenfaust escalate into open warfare. (How inconsiderate of them.) Accordingly, he and two unnamed co-conspirators decided to take matters into their own hands, making plans to bushwhack the daily coach between Port Lorrel, by way of Mittelberg, and Volkanenborg.

Alas (or perhaps fortunately, depending on which side of the conflict you're on), these plans were overheard by PC Grope, who happened to be passing by. A complicated series of events initiated by Grope's little buddy Chippy led to Layla being dispatched to, well, dispatch the three, which she did with some help from passengers on the coach, notably Jamie and Marcus. The abruptness of the whole thing, not to mention Gewehr high mucky-muck Peter's dissatisfaction with the fact that Layla first tried to threaten Clem and gang into abandoning their plan rather than killing them outright, bothers Layla considerably; these were fellow Gewehr members, after all. Shock waves from this incident may be bouncing around the Errant Road-verse for some time yet.

Clem is an example of a problem that Layla faces frequently in the Gewehr: resentment over the fact that she has climbed the "corporate" ladder unusually rapidly (as, indeed, she has) and a belief that it's due to nepotism (she's Faye's daughter, after all) rather than skill -- which is manifestly incorrect. Even with this particular yahoo disposed of, she's going to have to deal with his kind again, in all likelihood.

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