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The Infensus Vault is a site somewhere in Praenubilus Astu, we know not where (which is the whole idea). It appears to serve as an arsenal for the elves. Misa, as a member of the Viradior special-forces outfit, has access to the Infensus Vault, and Sarine asks her to retrieve a case of Inanire 312 anti-magic "hand grenades" from the Vault. We don't know yet what she's going to do with them, but it probably involves Ian Samael. Sarine is surprised to find that there's only one (possibly two) Inanire 312 left in the case, posing the obvious question: so what happened to all the others? The answer is as yet unknown in detail, but various elves have been observed slinging them at Ian -- not that they've done much good.

We don't know what other kinds of elven armament is stored at the Infensus Vault; stay tuned.

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