Inanire 312

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Possibly not the name of the actual item, but the label of the case in which it is found.


A type of grenade, similar in effect to a Dispel Trap, and first created by the elves during the latter stages of the Errant Wars. There is a small -- very small -- cache of them in the Infensus Vault in Praenubilus Astu. Sarine plans to use them against Ian, although there are at most two (or possibly even one) remaining, and apparently they were "of questionable use". We don't know much about manufacture, except that they were difficult to make, and probably not mass-produced.

Another Inanire 312 is actually used in the first grand battle with the berserk Ian, with negligible effects. It's unclear who threw the thing. A few more are thrown at Ian in the even grander, climactic fight, and they don't work any better this time than the time before, and the diversion they create simply has the unfortunate effect of getting Nisotta skewered by a monk who's helping Ian with the fight. On the other hand, when Sarine uses the last one to even out her final fight with Anita, the results are more satisfactory (from Sarine's point of view, not Anita's).

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