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Farrel, in the world of Errant Road, occupies a niche generally similar to that of its opposite number in the Poe-verse. It's still a largish country located between Tsuiraku and Veracia, occupying its own mini-continent, with a social/political system that can reasonably be described as "unique." However, there are differences from what we've seen in the Poe-verse as well. Most, if not all, of the differences really aren't incompatibilities, but rather result from the need for different things to be developed in detail, because of the way the Errant Road "story" is developing.



The geography of Farrel hasn't been well worked out in the main story, apart from what appears on the map. Accordingly, there is plenty of room for creativity/improvisation in the Errant-Road-verse version of the place. The same (small) continental landmass exists, bisected by a channel running from sea to sea across the country, southwest to northeast. This strange waterway has no name in the main story, but is being called the "Waldhaxen Channel" in some Errant Road threads. It is reputed to be difficult of access from the land, except in a few special locales, one of them known (from a "Tsuipedia" article) as the "Witch's Step." Neither the channel nor the Witch's Step have appeared yet in the story, however.

The interior of the country/continent is mountainous. A range called the "Mountains of Madness" (not to be confused with the amusement park with a similar name) occupies much of the north central interior, with another called the "Mountains of Sorrow" to its south. There are no details yet on how these interleave with the Waldhaxen Channel, particularly where it widens mid-continent. The Mountains of Madness are apparently volcanic; at least Grope thinks he saw something in the distance there that looked like an eruption plume.

Social/political structure

Cities and towns

Places with no known equivalent in the Poe-verse are listed in italics.

The Poe-verse locales Taberna and Thranel may or may not exist in the Errant Road-verse, but have not put in an appearance yet if they do.

Other features

See also

  • Farrel, article on the same place in the Poe-verse
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