Mind Wipe

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Mind Wipe

First use: 2005/02/28

Where used


Another of those spells we've come to love.


Nothing too complicated; the recipient of the spell simply forgets what happened for some time before the spell was cast.

Where Used

Only seen explicitly once, where Sarine uses it to ensure that Jon doesn't remember too much about a certain late-night encounter. However, it doesn't have the desired effect, because Jon knows enough about magic (a survival skill for Gewehr Wraiths) to know that his memories have been tampered with, and he doesn't like it. Eventually Sarine is forced to reveal just what memories she deleted, which doesn't sit terribly well with Jon either.

It's likely that the Sleep spell that Sarine used on the Shipping Company Guy had a secondary effect of wiping his memory of the interrogation she conducted, but it's hard to be sure.

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