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Welcome to the Errant Story wiki, also known as the Heretic Knowledge Vault. Errant Story is an on-line webcomic written and illustrated by Michael Poe. It features an atypical mix of elves, magic, sex, time ninja, and, of course, errants. What are errants, you ask? Time ninja OMG WTF? Well, this is the place to have your Errant Story questions answered.

This wiki is a collection of articles, images, links and information about the world of Errant Story, the goal being to collect, compile, and collate all the esoteric facts of Errant Story into one location. As of today there are 757 articles in the wiki, but there's room for more. We'd like your help. Feel free to contribute information (you might even get the honorable title of Heretical Monk for your efforts), and to browse what's available. Check out the Community Portal and the Chapter Summaries if you're not sure where to go.

There may be spoilers, particularly on the Current events page; last update March 6, 2012.

NEWS UPDATE: Alas, Errant Story itself has finally come to an end. However, Poe and Impy are re-running it from the beginning with commentary by the author as well as some new/revised art, so drop in and see what Poe was thinking when he drew the early pages. Note that there are occasional new characters (e.g. Narumi Seito) and organizations (e.g. the Hiratsuka Foundation) showing up or getting mentioned in the new art, and occasional people who were unnamed mooks in the original are getting names now (e.g. Lefti). You might find it interesting to check on some of those updates. Poe's latest webcomic, Does Not Play Well With Others, aka DNPWWO, is still going, and for the moment, articles on DNPWWO characters, venues, etc., appear in this wiki. Also, Errant Road, the free-form on-line role-playing game derived from Errant Story, is very much a going concern, and articles related to Errant Road also continue to be written and expanded. Finally, we'll surely see more articles on the Errant World once Poe resumes drawing things there; check back periodically for new developments. -- Graybeard 19:20, 3 September 2012 (EDT)

Points of Interest Contributing Newest Articles
Community Portal, Current Events, FAQs, Comic Help Listing, Category Listing Note: does not include Errant Road articles; see also Special:New pages
See also: About the Author, Caffeine Angel Studios, Exploitation Now, Support the Comic

All of the characters, worlds, laws of physics, laws of magic, witty exchanges, angsty commentary, and anything else in the Errant Story comic are the sole copyright of Michael Poe.
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