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For older versions, see Current events/Archive. SPOILERIFIC! Read the comic first!

As of 6 March 2012, time has advanced indefinitely into the future -- a future where, of all improbable things, a stunningly beautiful Sarine is actually smiling. This unprecedented phenomenon shows up at the start of the Epilogue, where Sarine is relating the history of the Poe-verse now that the Age of Meji has started. (We've learned that that is the term for the age that started when Meji defeated Ianilis; see Eras of Errant Story for an explanation of the various ages and epochs.) Of course, that history isn't entirely without complications. Meji has apparently succeeded in repairing much of the damage that Ian caused, and has forged some bonds that will keep the elves from ever attacking Santuariel again. That's all good, presumably. On the other hand, she has also tried to create a new earthly paradise by raising the sunken city of Malacia from the sea bed, and Sarine is implying that that didn't go completely smoothly. Details are still lacking, however.

All told, the long, exciting Errant Story ride is coming to an end. Impy (who, we're delighted to report, is back among the living) has posted a time line of the Poe-verse that includes references to many stories and tales yet to come, so there'll still be more when Errant Story itself wraps up. And, of course, Errant Road continues to be full of interesting characters. So life in the Poe-verse is still pretty good, really.

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