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First use: 2002/12/09

Where used

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A spell used by Sarine on a few occasions to influence people, if not necessarily win friends.


The spellcaster simply tells the subject to do something, and the subject does it. The effect is transient (cf. Domination) and can affect more than one person at a time. It doesn't work on elves, although Sarine wishes it did.

Where Used

First seen in the bar scene in the Prologue, after Sarine dispatches Derren Felmel. The bar denizens are thinking of raising a ruckus when they see Felmel's head lying on the floor, but a curt "Don't" from Sarine puts them all back in their seats.

(This editor thinks that wasn't a spell, simply natural reaction of the humans to seeing that she was an elf.)

She uses it again in Emerylon, when the information source she was quizzing regarding the Random Bully and the mage that trashed him persists in bending Sarine's ear about how much better things were in the Good Old Days. A quiet "You can go away now" brings the monologue to an end and lets Sarine get back to having painful memories, which is one of those things that Sarine does best.

Perhaps arbitrarily, what she does to bandit Jim is viewed as Domination rather than just a command, as the effect hangs around until the end of Jim's life, a few minutes or hours later.

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