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Long-time ES lurker (hey, how do you think the beard went gray?) and Wiki addict. In real life I work with fireballs that would absolutely knock the socks off Ian's and Toren's magical ones. Meji's, now ...

I seem to have been proclaimed a wiki bureaucrat by Impy (thanks!), and accordingly may be able to help deal with spammers. If you see something getting clobbered by idiots advertising something, drop me a line; I'm back in harness after a brief problem with a busted password.

Note that I maintain a Sandbox page for messing around with some larger-scale projects before putting them up for public consumption. At the moment I'm working on an analysis of technology in the story. Feel free to add comments on the corresponding discussion page.

Incidentally, my avatar on the Forums is extracted from real life: see this photo for the original. It's amazing what you can do with PhotoShop! Also incidentally, I'm not related to the Wikipedia user with the handle Greybeard, at least to my knowledge.


Yeah I think I applied for that, or might have been Jordan's lab... I hope there's better contributions in the future, ATM I can mostly think of just name disambig checks. Tyciol 05:47, 8 May 2010 (UTC)

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