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A character in the Does Not Play Well With Others strip, first seen here in outline, but not fully revealed until later. Readers of Exploitation Now may find her appearance ... familiar.

Janis, as cast in DNPWWO, is more or less the daughter of principal bad guy Tekmage. However, there is rather more to it than that (we are not talking your standard father/daughter relationship here). She has been dating Craig Kirkland, which has certain ironies. She has managed to conceal from him her "evil mad scientist" proclivities, although they are well known to the sinister Ms. Viridian, with whom she has an exchange on the subject of whose killer satellite can do what to whom how quickly.

Any resemblance between her and primary Exploitation Now character Jordan Kennedy is purely intentional -- not "resemblance," but "identity," in fact, although a ten-year time warp has created minor differences in her appearance between the two comics. Given the background of Jordan/Janis, it shouldn't be surprising that she holds the distinction of having created another character by means other than the traditional reproductive one: sexbot Ann, aka "Robbie" when she/he/it undergoes a gender flip instigated by Naga to mess with Fran.

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