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Welcome to the Heretic Knowledge Vault, also known as the Errant Story wiki. Someday, this will hold all the esoteric little facts associated with the world of Errant Story... but right now, it's pretty much empty. Relatively speaking. So please, contribute something!

Newcomers should go to the main Errant Story entry first. Or not.

In case it's useful, this is Errant Story. Also in case it's useful, these are the chapter summaries.

Additionally, check out the current events for a description of what's happened recently.

Expect spoilers.

Due to abuse, you now have to create an account in order to make changes. The Baron 19:44, 22 January 2006 (CST)

Points of Interest

These are things that are particularly fleshy at this stage of the wiki, as well as things you should know. You can also use the Community Portal (Also found in the Navagation bar on the left) to find the same things.

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