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Creator of the Poe-verse. To quote from an earlier version of the Errant Story home page:

"Michael Christopher Poe was born august the 11th 1979, in some godforsaken part of the United States, where he committed many, many minor crimes before attending college at the overpriced Savanna College of Art and Design. He later dropped out and started working on the semi popular web comic, Exploitation Now and several other things you've probably never heard of and is currently putting much effort into ignoring the massive amounts of email that resulted from said project while working on a new comic. He has tried converting to over eight different major religions, committing multiple mortal sins in all of them (regularly eating hot dogs on Fridays didn't really help either) and is, by now, condemned to go to no less than four theologically different versions of hell when he dies. He also really likes it when fans show their appreciation for his work by sending him Asian mail order brides and odds are likely that he's probably either drunk, not wearing pants, or possibly both at the moment you're reading this."

He is known to be protective about Catgirls.

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