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Warning! Take that Spoiler caution seriously, because this character's entire existence constitutes a spoiler. Are you sure you want to read this? Then:

Mari Amraphel is Jon Amraphel and Sarine Elle's daughter. She has only been on stage once, in the very last episode of the Epilogue, which takes place 35 years after the great battle in Praenubilus Astu and the end of Errant Story proper. Here she's rousing Sarine out of her Aetern Desiderium funk as she mopes over Jon's grave. Sarine eventually sucks it up and goes off with her daughter to whatever awaits.

Otherwise, we know essentially nothing about her except that she's a half elf (obviously enough) whose facial features combine Jon's and Sarine's, also reasonably enough. We can't tell how old she is (always a difficult proposition with half elves), but she's more a young woman than a child, so given the vagaries of the half-elf aging curve, she could be anywhere from 25 to 35. If the latter, there's a possibility that she was en route already at the end of Errant Story, courtesy of a certain moment earlier in the story. Only Sarine knows the truth.

Stay tuned to the Errant Story sequels, for the possibility that this embodiment of a happy ending (at least relatively speaking) will be seen again.

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