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Race: Elves
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2005/05/04


Chapter 13
05/04, 05/06, 05/09, 05/11, 05/13, 05/18

Chapter 14
05/23, 05/25, 05/27, 05/30, 06/01, 06/03, 06/06, 06/08, 06/10


2005/06/15, 2005/06/17, 2005/06/20, 2005/06/22, 2006/05/17, 2006/05/19

Melrin (alias 'Dennis') was a Keiren Elf who had lived in disguise within the village of Thranel for several thousand years - since before it was Thranel, really. He disguised himself as a burn victim, hiding his race and unchanging features by swaddling himself in bandages. In reality, Melrin was guarding the forest near Thranel from those who get too close to its secrets.

He unfortunately made the mistake of attacking Sarine (with a Durus Flamma weapon, no less, which is really poor form) after she asked him to guide her party through the woods.

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