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The Paedagogusi are five faerie-like beings (or "moths with tits") that Anilis and Senilis created to watch over and teach the elves. The Paedagogusi are aware of the real reason that Anilis and Senilis created the elves but are under instructions not to tell them.

The Paedagogusi aren't anatomically correct. They do, however, have boobs bequeathed upon them by the god Senilis, "because it's funny when they jiggle." It is not known if Paedagogusi need to eat, although they can ingest foods and have the sensation of taste.

Paedagogusi are immortal magic-users like the elves, and appear to be indestructible as well. They can physically fight creatures much larger than themselves, which would require that they change their mass-density ratio at will.

For the last one, two, or three hundred centuries, the Paedagogusi have been without persons to teach or instructions from Anilis or Senilis. Coquette and Copulation have been watching over the tomb of Anilis, and have consequently become slightly insane, or at least more than slightly weird, as Sarine and colleagues have discovered. And Concussion ... well, she's more than slightly insane. Much more.

There could exist elves that remember the Paedagogusi personally, but for some reason they have not passed on the first-hand knowledge to their children and the other races, making the Paedagogusi semi-mythical. Sarine has discovered, however, that the racial memory of the Paedagogusi isn't completely dead, to her discomfiture as she tries to convince the elven Powers That Be to learn from her experiences with them.

Named Paedagogusi

Additional Notes

It should be noted that the naming style of the Paedagogusi is in practice somewhat similiar to the naming style of The Endless from Neil Gaimans The Sandman. This is more than likely a coincidence, but the similarity between the two is intresting enough to warrant noting.

It should be furthermore noted that the naming style of the Paedagogusi is in practice somewhat similar to the naming style of Bimbo and her sisters (Bush, Bunny, et al) in Exploitation now. This is more than likely not a coincidence, as the creator of Errant Story also created EN.

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