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Race: Gods
Gender: Female
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Anilis is the goddess of the elves. Anilis and her special friend Senilis made the elves, the dwarves, the trolls, and the paedagogusi but probably not the humans. Based on a few statues seen in flashbacks, and one enormous one in the Elven capital city, Anilis' corporeal form is more or less elf-like. This is in contrast to Senilis, who seems to be stag-like.

We don't know much about how the elves worship this particular divine chick. It's notable, though, that when Sarine passes through her own private Gethsemane, it's Anilis rather than Senilis that she more or less prays to. The Great Statue of Anilis, the largest, and therefore possibly most influential, depiction of her seen thus far, has her doing some sort of dance, which may be connected to her worship, or possibly it was just a good pose. (It certainly made an impression on Jon Amraphel.) She has never been seen to wear clothes.

We also know that Anilis is more powerful than the might of the entire population of Tsuirakushiti combined, at least in her Ian Samael-enhanced state -- or is it the other way around? At least that's the conclusion reached by Jeramel when Anilis+Ian (or vice versa) dispels Luminosita in the big battle scene in Emerylon. He doesn't know at this point that it's Anilis that's responsible for the banishment, but he will, he will.

It's not clear whether we've ever seen Anilis in her corporeal form. Ian has a real honker of a nightmare while regaining consciousness at the Ensigerum village, which includes something female, elf-like (albeit with exaggerated ears), simultaneously deity-like, huge, and inexplicably, pissed. It's too early to tell whether this is what she looks like or a figment of Ian's delirious imagination. If it's the real article, Anilis is definitely not something you'd want to meet in a dark alley. It is also notable that she has three pairs of wings in this depiction, which is not noticeable in any of the Elven depictions.

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