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Welcome to the Errant Story wiki, also known as the Heretic Knowledge Vault. Errant Story is an online webcomic written and illustrated by Michael Poe. It features an atypical mix of elves, magic, sex, time ninja, and, of course, errants. What are errants, you ask? Time Ninja OMG WTF? Well, this is the place to have your Errant Story questions answered. This wiki is collection of articles, images, links and information about the world of Errant Story, the goal being to collect, compile, and collate all the esoteric facts of Errant Story into one location. We need your help. Feel free to contribute information, and feel free to browse what's available. There will be spoilers.


Use the Community Portal (navbar to the left) for information regarding characters, locations, gods and fish (maybe). It is the best area to access information about the comic, and the most fleshed out. If you wish to contact the author, or would like metacomic information, check out Caffeine Angel Studios.

There is a synopsis of chapters available, as well as a notated archive for actual strip information. To get a description of what's happening at the moment, go to current events, also available in the navbar to the left.

Once again, expect spoilers.

Links in this section: Errant Story Comic, Michael Poe, Community Portal, Chapter Synopsis, Notated Archives, Current Events .

Contributing to the Wiki

Due to abuse, you now have to create an account in order to make changes. The Baron 19:44, 22 January 2006 (CST)

A wiki is, essentially, a collection of information. The idea is that anyone can add to it, and so you get a huge variety of sources, insights, and comments that you wouldn't get from one author alone. Somehow the wiki manages to work; it functions as an encyclopedia, an identifiable source of information from all those who manage to contribute (usually fans).

The concept only works if people make it work; if you have something to add feel free to do so. Your actions are not irreperable, just remember to exercise courtsesy and sense.

Most information can be reached, and edited, from the community portal, however, here are some other links to get you started.

Points of Interest

Additionally, the following catagories are relatively informative:

All of the characters, worlds, laws of physics, laws of magic, witty exchanges, angsty commentary, and anything else in the Errant Story comic are the sole copyright of Michael Poe.
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