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A spell, distinguishable from the conceptually similar Dancing Lights by being a full-blown multi-media effect. Pyrotechnics is to Dancing Lights as a Fourth of July fireworks display in a major American city is to a kid playing with sparklers in his back yard.


The caster (in the cases we've seen so far, Meji Hinadori) creates a big burst of light and sound. It can be centered either near the caster's hand, or on some distant site that the caster wants to make an impression on -- like, say, a bandit camp. The effect doesn't last very long, which is another difference compared to Dancing Lights, which stays around long enough to entertain a familiar.

Where Used

Meji has used this one twice, first to sow confusion in the bandit camp near Thranel so that Jon can exact some revenge, and shortly afterward, to illuminate Anilis' Ward System so that Jon can blow that away too. The connection between Pyrotechnics and firearms seems purely coincidental, however.

As Meji explains to Sarine, when she uses this spell against the bandit camp, she could equally well have cast something at them that's seriously destructive rather than just flashy -- like, say, a Fireball. However, as Sarine puts it, "Quiet -- he needs this, I think."

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