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The firearms shown in Errant Story to this point seem to be set at the same technology as 1870 America. One can guess by the inclusion of break action revolvers and bullets instead of black powder, as shown by Jon reloading his weapon here. This would put most of the firearm technology on a par with the Wild West Era. The relative lack of such weapons so far is most likely due to the existence of magic and its effect on technological advances.

Others among the Gewehr Wraiths have also been seen wielding pistols, notably in this sequence where Sara almost catches a bullet (to the disgust of her mentor), and also in the flashback sequence that explains why Anita is so down on the Gewehr. The flashback sequence also shows that that the Gewehr use longer-barreled guns (rifles) for death at a distance. Jon uses one later on the Winston Maurel job/setup.

A rifle-like weapon is also seen early in the story, when a squad of cops corner Jon in a forest. (Interestingly, this is the only time that uniformed guys in Veracia have been seen to carry guns, although they've had plenty of occasion to.) The bandits infesting the area around Thranel had at least one long-barreled firearm (maybe a shotgun) until Ian used it against them. There are no indications yet that heavier artillery has been developed. This might also be attributed to the existence of magic. It's easier to cart a mage around than a cannon and the 5 people needed to use it.

Firearms are also known in the Northern Confederacy, where Leah uses one to blast her way out of an uncomfortable (mainly for Riley) scene in a bar. Her rifle-like heater is of the single-shot variety, but she's aware of the existence of repeaters. In fact, according to Poe (see notes below), the Northern Confederacy is the original source of the technology. Firearms haven't been seen yet in Tsuiraku (not that they particularly need them), although the way Ellis reacts to the forest encounter suggests that Tsuirakuans at least know they exist.

It appears that firearms can be magically enhanced. At the very least, they can be magically silenced, although Jon is skeptical as to how well the silencing works.

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Lifted from this thread in the Forum

In fact Veracia only just upgraded their small number of riflemen up from crappy muzzle loaders.
Repeaters exist, but still extremely new and cost a small fortune and in Northern Confederacy would more than likely attract more thugs than it would deter.
There're really only two countries actually producing firearms.
The Confederacy, who are intentionally only exporting the cheapest, low-grade stuff they got. (they do have much, much better but those are kept strictly to themselves and often won't even trade between the other city states in the Confederacy)
And Farrel, which retro engineered the cheap confederacy stuff and eventually started producing much better firearms of their own. (still charging out the ass for them, of course, because they can)
The Gewehr Wraiths were particularly fortunate in this regard, as to have a number of VERY clever and quite skilled private blacksmiths who stuck around with them from the Gewehr's days as a 'proper' mercenary guild. And to have gotten a hard start on everyone else, firearm technology wise, by realizing that firearms were going to be the next big thing while the rest of the guilds were still stubbornly sticking with their swords and traditions. There are even a few Gewehr pushing for the group to stop the killing crap and just switch to selling guns, claiming the money would probably be about the same.
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