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2010/06/04 Ch. 46 Cover | Sarine | Bowing and Scraping
06/07 NPC Guards | Tsuirakushiti - A guard thoughtfully explains where everybody is
06/10 Meji, Ellis, Nookie - Meji seems to have survived; that's the good news
06/14 Meji (twice), Ellis, Nookie, Ian (sort of) | Inside Meji's head? - Some introductions are made, sort of
06/17 Meji (twice), Ian - Philosophical moment on what constitutes being delusional, and why is Ian naked?
06/21 Meji (twice), Ian - More philosophizing; it's Senilis' fault
06/24 Meji (twice), Ian - Current-Meji gets a pep talk from future-Meji, for all the good it does
06/28 Meji (twice), Ian - Ian isn't so sure about the comforting lies, but whatever...
07/01 Meji (twice), Ian - Everyone goes their separate ways; in the background, we can almost hear "3 ... 2 ... 1..."
07/05 Meji - Meji comes to a horrifying realization
07/08 Meji - ANNND we have liftoff!
07/12 Meji - Off-plane technobabble, but all is definitely not well
07/15 Meji, Ellis, Nookie, NPC Guards - Back to reality with a bang; Ellis and Nookie are confused, of course
07/19 Ian, Anita, Paul | Near Praenubilus Astu - Paul is airsick, but at least the flight is over
07/22 Ian, Anita, Paul - Ian and Anita talk tactics while Paul looks green
07/26 Ichiro, elven council | Tsuirakushiti - The teleconference isn't going well, to put it mildly
07/29 Ichiro, elven council - The telecon ends abruptly (ZZAARACK-ZZT kind of says it all)
08/02 Nookie - Conscientious Nookie tries to pick up the pieces; a transformation has occurred
08/05 Ellis, Nookie, NPC Guards - Catboy!
08/09 Ichiro, General Izayoi - The general brings news, of a sort
08/12 Professor Yukiri - The professor is working late, but has a visitor...
08/16 Meji, Professor Yukiri - Time to present that class project!

Note: Chronicles of Heretic Knowledge omake interspersed with the comics and Errant Commentary installments at the end of the chapter are not included (see separate articles).

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