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Face Ellis 1.jpg


Race: Familiars
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2002/12/11


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2005/12/09, 2006/03/22, 2006/11/10, 2006/11/29, 2007/02/07, 2007/03/30, 2007/05/25, 2007/06/22

Ellis is a smart-mouthed winged cat. He is Meji Hinadori's familiar (Meji would have preferred a micro-unicorn, but it didn't work out), and only constant companion, except when they got separated in chapter 17, but were reunited in Chapter 28. It is unknown whether his familiar status grants him any abilities or skills at all, but he does seem to be fairly indestructible, often being on the receiving end of Meji's wrath, and even being used as a bludgeoning weapon at one point in time. Wings or no wings, he seems to have the libido of your garden-variety tomcat.

Give credit where it's due: he's an equal-opportunity loudmouth, sassing Meji, her mother (who's not averse to returning the favor), a gun-toting assassin (Jon), and a little old lady (Anne, who's not exactly what she appears to be) with equal lack of restraint. No prejudices to this cat; he disrespects everybody. It appears that this is a known problem with talking familiars, which may be why the other familiar appearing in the story (Rape-kun, which Ellis dislikes) just makes vaguely obscene noises rather than talking.

Smartass or not, Meji does seem to miss him when he's not around. Recent events have left him, it is fair to say, a bit ... bent out of shape.

As of Fall 2007, Ellis also stars in his own ongoing possibly-canon filler series, Fun with Familiars, along with Rape-kun and Locke (Ellis' self-proclaimed littermate). The kick-off comic is here.

For a mega-SPOILER, check the category list.

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