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This article is about the bandit Jim, the character from Errant Story. For the real actual human being, see Jim Hanson.



Race: Humans
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2005/07/13


Chapter 15
07/13, 07/15, 07/18, 07/20, 07/22, 07/27, 08/05, 08/08, 08/10, 08/12


2005/07/08, 2005/08/03

Jim is a bandit who is assigned to trail Jon, Sarine and Meji through the forest near the artifact in Farrel. Captured by the party, he first refuses to talk despite a threat of creative torture by Meji, but a little "attitude adjustment" courtesy of Sarine takes care of that. After spilling his guts and getting his bandit colleagues wiped out as a consequence, he is of course found extraneous by the party. Sarine thinks of a creative way of removing him from the picture, but Jon prefers the more traditional and direct approach.

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