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This article is about the real-life human being who helps make Errant Story happen. For the bandit Jim, the guy who guides the party near Thranel and then gets offed, see Jim.

Friend of Michael Poe, Hilary Hatch, and the Poe-verse in general. To quote from the current Errant Story home page:

"Currently going by Viking Sensei, or the Ancient Viking Master, Jim is a longtime friend but a relatively recent addition to the Errant Story team. He is rapidly becoming indispensable, though, not least because he's at a nice middle ground between Impy's professionalism and Poe's artistic detachment. Jim serves as the friendly neighborhood forum admin on our shiny new forums, and he also fills in as an occasional booth minion. Most recently, he's also taken over as He Who Produces the Filler When We Go to a Convention, and has been writing and drawing the "Fun with Familiars" omake strips."

Jim was the author/artist of a couple of webcomics which he has seen fit to remove from the internet. He's currently working on a series of space-opera comedy science-fiction novels, as well as developing a semi-collectable card game and working on a handful of 'Top Secret' projects with Impy.

Jim is also not, in any way, Adam Smithee, the creator of The Apple of Discord, despite the fact that the two look almost identical or that they're both friends with Impy and Poe or that they tend to show up at the same places. No, certainly not him.

Jim can be contacted at Drakken (at) vikingspace (dot) com.

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