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A member of the elven Viradior (special forces), encountered briefly here and probably here (it's hard to keep the combatants straight) as he (probably) or she tries to contain the rampaging Ian Samael, who's in Praenubilus Astu trying to exterminate the elves. He apparently is commanding a mixed unit of elves containing defenders, "artillerymen" and "grenadiers" whose job is to hurl Inanire 312 anti-magic bombs at Ian. Needless to say, this doesn't turn out well.

This grand finale being as messy as it is, we don't know yet whether he or she actually succumbs in combat. Most likely he's one of the victims of Paul and the time-ninja attack he leads while the elves' attention is distracted by Ian. This isn't certain, so it might be premature to term him "Living Impaired." However, there's every reason to believe that there aren't going to be many survivors of this melee, so ...

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