Ian Samael

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Ian Samael

Race: Half_Elves
Gender: Male
Introduction: 2003/04/09


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Ian is out on a quest to find a way to heal his older sister Evelyn of a birth-defective heart. He is extremely bitter and hateful towards elves, although perhaps for good reason, given that so many elves seek to exterminate all surviving half elves.

After being separated from Meji and Jon, he used the book of the Lorenzel Excavations to make his way to the elven ruins on his own. At present, Ian has been possessed, or at least magically super-charged, by the elven goddess Anilis. To say he's having a hard time managing his new-found magical gifts would understate the matter pretty severely, but the boy is a fast learner.


Even before getting supercharged by Anilis, Ian was a powerful magic user, who has been seen to cast at least these spells:

  • Flame Volley: used to create a diversion at the library in Emerylon, later for effect versus the elven military force under Toren (whom he eventually dispatches), and later still, to incinerate a group of bandits near Thranel
  • Polymorph Spell: to disguise himself for the escape from Emerylon
  • Flame Bolt: to heat up a river(!) so that it's comfortably warm for him to take a bath in
  • Apparently, some kind of mental shield so the "disruption effects" cast by Toren don't fry his mind as severely as they did Meji's (This may just have been a side effect of errantry that Meji doesn't share)
  • Shield: to deflect Toren's offensive spells long enough to allow a counterattack
  • Force Bolt: with which he blasts a timber underneath a building in Saus so that the building falls on Toren, and later to flatten Sarine (non-fatally) when she tries to stop him from running off with Meji; the casualness of the whole thing gives Sarine pause...
  • Heat Metal: to create a diversion when he's waylaid by bandits, so that he can hit them with something really nasty
  • Levitation: to help Meji keep up when they fly off to Santuariel and who-knows-where (Presumably this just got stronger when Anilis jumped into him)

Here is a list of the Magic he's gained post-Anilis:

  • Fly: to drop into Thranel long enough to collect Meji, and again later to whisk her off to Santuariel. While Anilis-enhanced he has enough flypower to lift an entire wagon, although Meji stopped him from doing it.
  • Passwall: to do some short-term construction on the inn in Thranel so that Meji can come out and play
  • Omega-Heal: Healing that works by reconstructing damaged or flawed organs at the most basic levels. Not affected by the half-elven resistance to normal healing.
  • Necromancy: An attempt to raise his late sister from the dead. It doesn't turn out well, not at all, but it does do ... something. He also uses it in his later encounter with the trolls, with greater success (of a sort).
  • Translation: So that he can talk to the chieftess of the trolls and try to recruit them for his crusade. This doesn't turn out well, either.

He had apparently learned at least some of his pre-Anilis spellcasting from an unseen mentor named Maxwel, but the latter's attempt to teach him some healing magic (to help Evelyn) didn't work out, unfortunately.

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