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A character in Does Not Play Well With Others, which has gone from being a bit of omake in Errant Story to a webcomic of its own, Poe's next one after Errant Story ends.

She's introduced here, although only as a menacing figure in the background -- appropriately enough, given that she's a vampire. She gets into a brief rumble with DNPWWO original character Naga when each thinks the other is a pedophile that she's lured to a playground, with the goal of dispensing what one might term "extrajudicial punishment" on him -- capital extrajudicial punishment. Eventually the mistaken identity is sorted out, and the bad guy gets what's coming to him.

She apparently shares a house with a young woman named Julie (known as "Becky" in the early going) and Julie's as-yet-unseen sister Sarah. What vampire-like oddities these two may have has not been made clear, but given the neighborhood, the oddities have got to be there.

Given that she's an important enough character to appear in the top bar of the DNPWWO pages, we'll probably be hearing more of her, so check this article occasionally for updates.

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