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First use: 2003/04/28

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A magical means for concealing the incongruous. Works by "screwing with the natural reality buffers in a person's brain... 'Whoa! That cat just talked, but everyone knows cats can't talk so I must not have actually heard a cat talking just now after all.'" ( Meji's explanation, seen here)

Not to be confused with the Invisibility spell, which seems to work differently. We don't know whether the Reveal spell counters this one, as it does Invisibility, but someone magically adept enough to cast a Reveal probably isn't going to be affected by Obfuscation anyway.

Where Used

Used by Meji early in the comic to hide the fact that Ellis is a talking, flying cat. Ellis implies that it's still in effect much later, after he's been separated from Meji by certain interesting events. The little girl who pushes his magic kitty butt-raising button doesn't seem to be affected by it, however, and it doesn't keep Anne from giving Ellis a good swat. Of course, he had it coming.

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