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Polymorph Spell

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This one is easier to use on a Human than an elf or Half Elf, due to the Form persistence inherent to elves.


Polymorph Spell doesn't just change the outward appearance of the target but the actual body. It is, in fact, a form of shape change spell.

According to Meji, there is a "Supple Flesh" subclass of Polymorph that is customarily used by aging female mages to keep their flesh ... supple. She doesn't think much of this custom (not that, at the ripe old age of 17 and a half-elf at that, she's likely to feel peer pressure to use it any time soon), but as Ellis points out, she herself took an "Introduction to Polymorphing" class at the Sashi Mu Academy of Thaumaturgy and Conjuration so that she could give herself ... other ... enhancements. Note that Supple Flesh appears distinct from Rejuvenation treatments.

Meji implies that maintaining a Polymorph (at least a Polymorph Self, which may or may not be a subclass of Polymorph) requires a certain amount of concentration and energy on the part of the spellcaster. This may explain why, when Ian uses it (see next section), he runs out of energy and his body reverts to its normal form as he sags in exhaustion.

Where Used

Ian uses it to sneak Meji out of Emerylon following their burglary, and ensuing torching, of the Heretic Knowledge Vault. It's interesting that he goes this tiring route rather than casting a simple Illusion to make himself look like a priest without actually changing form. Maybe the NPC Guards have more ability to penetrate illusions than we give them credit for? Anyway, he keeps it active just long enough to escape the guards, then collapses in a heap.

In the same sequence, Meji, who has attempted in times past to use Polymorph for, shall we say, self-improvement, explains to Ian and Jon that she has trouble with Polymorph magic, which a Lifemage has attributed to some weird in-born magic resistance. Ian, who has more experience with other half elves than Meji, explains that this is due to "form persistence" (although he doesn't use exactly those terms) and draws a connection between this resistance and erranthood.

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