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First use: 2003/01/03 (probably)

Where used

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One of those little bits of magic that keep the story from getting boring.


Scan seems to allow the caster to detect physical problems. It may also allow the caster to penetrate illusions, although it's not clear that this capability results from the same spell.

Where Used

Meji has used it a couple of times: first, offstage (if at all) to see how much damage she inflicted on Ellis when she threw a hissy-fit in the Sashi Mu Academy of Thaumaturgy and Conjuration library, and later to see why Sarine was making herself look like a "damned six foot tall, top heavy (human) amazon" following her fight with Melrin. It's fair to say she got her answer to that one.

Lifemages are also able to use Scans, although we haven't seen them do it yet.

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