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Errant Road is a free-form, multi-player on-line role-playing game loosely based on the Poe-verse. It operates as a sub-section of the Forum; URL for the sub-forum is Anyone with a registered username on the Forum is welcome to participate, under conditions laid out in this thread. For a running summary of game play, check out the article ER:Thread summaries, which will update frequently.

The geography, nations, etc., of the world of Errant Road are broadly similar, but not necessarily identical, to those in the main story. However, characters in the main story generally do not appear in Errant Road, except as incidental references, nor (in general) do characters in Errant Road have any particular prospects of appearing later in the main story. (There is, however, some overlap between the characters of Errant Road and the Fun with Familiars omake.) The Poe-verse nations of Tsuiraku (including both Tsuirakushiti and Kiyoka, setting for the initial Errant Road episodes), Veracia, Farrel, and the Northern Confederacy (including Salvus) are referenced in Errant Road. Participants' characters are humans, half elves, at least one elf (although she doesn't readily admit it), and at least one troll, with an Errant and a few elves having appeared as non-player characters (NPCs). The Gewehr Wraiths and Veracian Church play significant roles (although under circumstances not necessarily corresponding to those in the Poe-verse), and there have been references to the Ensigerum, battlemages, and so on.

Impy reminds participants of these terms of service:

  1. Everyone agrees to play by the rules forever and ever amen, even if CAS (Caffeine Angel Studios) later decides to refine/change them.
  2. Poe has first dibs to IP stuff, since he has a lot planned already and odds are fair that someone will step on some piece of it. A review of the board rules will reveal that we already have an unlimited license to use anything produced here, but I'm going to take it one step further and say that any characters, settings, storylines, etc. that are created for this board may not be used anywhere else, by anyone else, except by Poe or his legally authorized agents acting on his behalf. This isn't trying to be mean, this is just protecting Poe's career... as well as trying to prevent any future squabbling over creative rights, since this will be a collaborative game. Incidentally, this applies to non-participants as well.
  3. Poe will never read the game, he is not allowed to do so. That way, we all KNOW any future similarities are coincidence.
  4. Play nice with each other, but this doesn't have to extend to the characters.
  5. Graphic violence, to some extent, is permissible in this game. Try not to go overboard. Also, please fade to black rather than incorporating graphic sex.
  6. Any other rules the board mods or game players choose to add are appended to this, provided they do not contradict anything else I've already said here.

Player characters

This section is under construction. Check back occasionally for updates.


Many of the locations in Errant Road (Kiyoka, Port Lorrel, Salvus, Santuariel, Saus, etc.) correspond to known places in the Poe-verse. However, there are several places in the Errant-Road-verse that have no known counterpart in the main story. Among these are:

  • Centoriel -- ghost town in south-central Veracia with a real-world analogue
  • Clovius -- medium-sized city in the Northern Confederacy, near troll territory
  • Gervasiel -- small-to-medium town in southern Veracia where the significant Artifact of Absonial has been discovered
  • Getsemiel -- medium-sized town on the west coast of Veracia, home base of the Calfornican denomination of the Veracian Church
  • Goriel -- largish city in the Northern Confederacy, clan-oriented and male-dominated; site of the longest self-contained thread series in the game
  • Heamish -- small town on the road between Saus and Emerylon
  • Homontel -- small town south of Saus, gateway (of sorts) to the southern part of Veracia
  • Kugelheim -- somewhere in the Errant Road version of Farrel; home base for the Gewehr
  • Mittelberg -- small town in Farrel
  • Mountain of Madness -- an amusement park(!) in Farrel near a not-yet-seen mountain range of the same name
  • Nautkia -- smallish town downstream from Lorenzel on the river of the same name
  • Provatiel -- small-to-medium-sized town in southern Veracia, bastion of the Millenarian denomination (and maybe more) of the Veracian Church
  • Rinkaiel -- largish city on the north coast of Farrel
  • Snamish -- small town in Veracia, carefully hidden from outside eyes, that serves (under the eye of its elven founder, PC Drusia Valis) as the same kind of half-elf sanctuary as does Santuariel in Errant Story itself
  • Volkanenborg -- medium-sized town that serves as the gateway to the Mountain of Madness amusement park

Several small towns in south central Veracia have also been named, mainly as wide spots in the road that characters pass through en route to the important stuff.

Note to authors of Errant Road articles

If you create an article bearing on something in the Errant Road universe, please include Template:ER-Article at the top of the article. Doing so will create a header that looks like this:

This header will help readers (and contributors) keep Errant Road articles distinct from those describing things in the Poe-verse. Your help is appreciated!

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