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A troll who appears briefly in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. Needless to say, she doesn't exist in the Poe-verse.

Bri'igeah is the sister of player character (and, obviously, fellow troll) Grope, and like her brother, set off in times past to try to find new hunting grounds for her people, far away from the troll homelands. She's the "Matriarch" of her tribe, a role more or less comparable to the Chieftess encountered in Errant Story itself. She meets up with her brother after he's found wandering near the troll settlement in the Mountains of Madness, by her son (and Grope's nephew) Scrobian. Family ties mean much to a troll, and the reunion is joyous ... while it lasts.

Unfortunately, the Matriarch and her subjects have elected to settle in a valley directly downhill from a volcano, the "Dwarven Forge," which erupts not long after Grope comes to town. Grope and Scrobian escape via an improbable balloon, having rescued some of the women and children of the tribe, but Bri'igeah isn't among them. The eruption devastated the valley where the settlement stood, with no visible survivors. However, Grope has learned, via strange and roundabout means, that some of the trolls left in the valley did escape, and are now being held captive on the "Island of Thralls" somewhere along the Waldhaxen Channel in central Farrel. Whether Bri'igeah is among these survivors isn't known, but Grope and Scrobian are doing everything they can to reach the island and find out. Stay tuned.

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