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A title among the trolls, applied to one specific ruler of a troll tribe/village here, but apparently generic in nature. This female troll asks Anita if she's the "chieftess" of her own village, making it clear that the term is a title, not a proper name.

We know that troll society is matriarchal -- see the Poe Notes in the Category:Trolls article -- and presumably the Chieftess is the head of a troll tribe, the size and significance of which is not clear. The Chieftess in this particular encounter, in which Anita, Paul and Ianilis are attempting to recruit trolls for help in their fight with the elves, has enough power (and good sense) that, when Ian foolishly proclaims himself a "Marime," she orders the clan to uproot and bug out. Knowing what we know of Ian, that's probably a very good idea.

Note that trolls also exist in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game, but there, the term "Matriarch" is used for the female leaders of tribes/clans rather than Chieftess. This is purely a reflection of the fact that the Errant Story troll bearing this title hadn't appeared yet when female trolls first showed up in Errant Road, and the players misguessed what they would be called.

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