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In context, the Forum is the external bulletin board for discussions related to the Poe-verse (the world of Errant Story). It used to be hosted by the Kyhm system, as was a board for discussions of Michael Poe's other well-known serial, Exploitation Now. Now, however, it's part of the Errant Story product line itself; see link below.

The Forum is organized according to "threads" organized into topics. Each daily episode of Errant Story usually generates exactly one thread. Readers often vie to see who can start the thread for a new episode soonest after the episode is posted. If parallel threads get created as a result, convention calls for them to be merged. Threads also develop around informational postings (usually by Impy), polls, and odds and ends.

A recent development on the Forum is the Errant Road on-line, free-form RPG (role-playing game). See this thread in the Forum for information on becoming a participant in the RPG, which requires Forum membership (as does creation of any other Forum post).

See the FAQ page for procedures and protocols in using the Forum, as well as this topic in the Forum itself.

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