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A subclass of Mages that operate the warp gates used for magical travel between Tsuirakushiti and places in the boonies. First shown here.

Portal mages seem to have a certain uniformity of appearance -- male, bald or shaved head, flowing robes, posture of meditation/concentration when the gate is about to operate. They may be in deep magical trance when they assume this posture. Alternatively, they may simply be putting on a show to impress the yokels.

We don't know exactly what they do or how they do it. However, according to Sarine, a "much smoother transference" results from having them around, rather than having the teleportation device function automatically, as the elven travel platforms do. ( Jon, who hates warp gates, isn't impressed.)

Not to be confused with Battlemages like Bani Igaaru, who are stationed at the warp gates as guards and also wear robes, albeit of a different design.

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