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Type: Capital City
Nation: Tsuiraku
Location: Floating over the Continent of Tsuiraku, old Rinkai Erufu territory


Tsuirakushiti (lit. "City of Tsuiraku") is a magical floaty place created 2,000 years ago. Then it disappeared behind a cloaking device, it reappeared 200 years ago, when Veracia failed at trying to take the elven territories, accidently damaging the cloaking device. Its economy is mostly based on tentacle porn.

Tsuirakushiti is the capital city of Tsuiraku. This is where Meji is from.



One cannot discuss Tsuiraku without also discussing magic, since it is an integral part of Tsuirakuan civilization and is even used to keep Tsuirakushiti levitated above its lake. Tsuirakuans have, at least three levels of mage that we know of. Undoubtedly, there are yet more. The top of the pyramid is the Archmage, of which we suspect Meji's grandfather to be an example. Somewhere in the middle are Battlemages, of which Bani Igaaru is an example. There are also Portalmages and others.

It has recently been a minor plot point that, unlike many other magical devices, the Levitation Devices that keep Tsuirakushiti afloat cannot be easily taken out by magical attack, due to double-redundancy in the Levitation Devices. Specifically, a second device in the lake that is equally capable of keeping the city afloat should the one in the city fail or become damaged, as the one in Malacia was. This sort of redundancy has yet to be seen in any other magical device so far.


Construction of Tsuirakushiti started two thousand years ago, just before the fall of Malacia, as the first true half-elven city. Loosely based on Malacia's design, this city used the same concepts but taken to another level. Instead of a giant building, like Malacia, they took the entire top off a mountain (in northern Veracia, far from the current location), inverted it, hollowed it out for Levitation Devices, and built Tsuirakushiti on the top of it. About a year after the fall of Malacia and after the first major stage of construction was completed, it disappeared, triggering the Errant War.

Eighteen hundred years later Tsuirakushiti was forced from its long period of cloaked isolation by Veracia's ill-advised and abortive attempt, using Luminosita, to topple the barrier the elves had erected between their remaining territory and the outside world. The resulting magical blast (which Sarine has implied should be called an "Energy pulse") damaged Tsuirakushiti's cloaking mechanisms beyond rapid repair, revealing the 1800 year old city to the world. This happened two hundred years before the present story.

The Tsuirakushiti leadership then made a deal with the Farrelians, the then owners of the island chain, which was a former Rinkai Erufu territory. While the nature of the deal is not exactly known, Tsuirakushiti acquired the entire island chain and formed the Nation of Tsuiraku. Seemingly in exchange, they began to upgrade Farrel's technology base and economy for them, including the installation of Warp gates in various Farrelian cities. Other technological innovations, such as airships and their ports, and materials technology improved Farrelian lifestyles and the standard of living. A fact not lost upon the Veracian Church is that Tsuiraku effectively supplanted Veracia's influence in Farrel, to the joy of the Farrelians since they no longer have the bleak prospect of being absorbed by Veracia to look forward to.

The Dispelling of Luminosita also caused an energy pulse of much power, reminding Sarine of what happened with Luminosita a few hundred years earlier. Tsuirakuans hadn't counted on external discharges like those caused by gods exploding and the external magical blast briefly disturbed both the Levitation Devices that were keeping the city afloat. This resulted in the entire city tilting, and many people not feeling very well at all.

Cannonical History from Poe

As it has all but been said in the story, Tsuiraku begain life as an Elven construction project. It began just a decade before the Errant Wars started, and Half Elves were at their height as part of Elven society. It was decided that the first true half elf city would be constructed as a symbol of the race coming into its own.

As it was meant be a symbol, the city needed to be as advanced and impressive as possible, eventually plans were drawn up for a city that would be suspended in the sky under its own power. Such a thing wasn’t completely unheard of, the Rinkai city, Malacia, technically floated in air as well, if only meters above the surface of the ocean, so the technology was already there, it just had never been applied quite in such a way.

The top of a large mountain in the north eastern part of (what would later be known as) Veracia, was sheered off to be shaped into the disc the city would be built up on. The anti gravity devices were built and installed by the enormous construction force made up of half elf and human mages along with a few Rinkai engineers. The early years of construction went rather routine… until the disaster at Malacia happened and just a single mad half elf was able to send the great city sinking into the ocean. Growing concerns about the construction project and about half elves themselves, made the project become rather tense. Whether it was this stress that caused several half elf builders to go errant or if it would have had happen anyway, doesn’t matter, what is certain is that a small group of mages did have breakdowns and they somehow caused the levitation devices to malfunction and send the entire unfinished city, and most of it’s construction crew, into a black void between space. Similar to the pocket dimension spells used for storage, but on a gigantic scale.

The group of errants that caused the mess were actually put down fairly quickly during the chaos following the city’s transportation. But most of the elves and many half elves lost their lives doing so, leaving the remaining mages and workers to figure out how to send the city back and survive in the void, until they could. Fifteen years passed before they succeeded, and even more mages (including the last few elves on the original construction crew) died casting the return spell. There wasn’t much celebration though, as they soon discovered they had returned to the world in the midst of a bloody civil war between the elves and half elves. Seeing that the world they had worked so hard to return to was in tatters (and since no one had actually noticed they were back yet) the mages decided they had actually been doing pretty damn well on their own, and modified the spells used to return the city, to instead hide the city under a cloaking effect.

Setting up in a far off corner of the globe, they quietly built a second levitation device deep under the ocean to help stabilize the city’s own overtaxed and battered engines, and begin mining under the sea for resources to finish the city the best they could. As they waited out the war, the last remaining half elves all married off into the population of human workers, and their last acts were to seal away much of the cities real history from the succeeding generations, to discourage the growing population from leaving.

And from this, Tsuiraku began, completely separated the rest of the planet for almost two thousand years… until Veracia caused a disruption that knocked out the city cloaking device and caused them to join the now human controlled world

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