Bani Igaaru

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Bani Igaaru

Race: Humans
Gender: Female
Introduction: 2004/06/25


Chapter 8
06/25, 06/28, 06/30, 07/05, 07/14, 07/21, 07/23, 07/26, 07/28, 07/30, 08/02, 08/04, 08/06, 08/09, 08/13, 08/16, 08/18, 08/20, 08/23, 08/25, 08/27

Chapter 37
12/17, 12/19, 12/22, 12/24

Chapter 38
Cover, 01/21, 01/23, 01/30, 02/01, 02/04, 02/06, 02/09, 02/25

Chapter 48
01/31, 02/03, 02/07, 02/10, 02/14

Chapter 49
05/09, 05/12, 05/19

Chapter 50
09/05, 09/12



2003/10/15, 2005/05/16, 2006/04/05, 2006/04/07, 2007/07/11, 2007/09/12, 2007/09/14, 2007/09/24, 2007/09/26

Bani Igaaru is a friend of Meji's from the Sashi Mu Academy of Thaumaturgy and Conjuration in Tsuirakushiti. Bani is a year older than Meji; she transferred to Tsuirakushiti from a school in Kiyoka at the age of fifteen. Her roots are the source for a certain amount of derision on the part of her fellow students, which is probably one reason why she befriended her fellow outsider Meji.

Bani joined the army after graduating the previous year; she was until recently a guard at the warp gate in Port Lorrel, but has been transferred out, just in time to avoid becoming the unwilling recipient of a gift of Ellis courtesy of Jon. She was apparently given this post as a result of being half-Farrelian. While on guard duty she was the wielder of a Yuuki staff, much to Meji's envy. For the moment, she's again in Tsuirakushiti, but it may not last. She says that the authorities are in a state of chaos as a result of the damage to Emerylon and are shuffling people more or less at random, so she may yet get posted somewhere else (for example, to the boonies up north to support the threatened expedition against the elves), so stay tuned.

Yes, she does have thoughtful moments.

Bani has a micro-tentacle monster familiar called Rape-kun. Having been described as a "battlemage," she's certainly a spellcaster, although the only spell she has been seen to cast -- yet -- dealt with a minor matter of fashion.

She lives (or at least lived, before joining the army) with her father in an apartment somewhere in Tsuirakushiti. This pad is high enough up in the air above the city to give Meji a chance to audition for the role of Juliet, or Maria in "West Side Story," from a balcony overlooking the city when she and the gang crash there to avoid the elven diplomatic party/death squad. She wasn't there at the time, but comes by when she's on leave. Her mother, alas, has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Her status as a warp gate guard is used by Sarine, along with Sara's over-acted charms, to gain access to the Tsuirakushiti warp gate (by putting one over on the unsuspecting Jiro) for the purposes of modifying it to travel on the gods' travel platform network.

Note that, in an exception to the usual rule, she's listed under Category:Characters introduced in 2004 rather than the 2003 equivalent, because although Meji alluded to her earlier, it wasn't by name, and the Port Lorrel sequence was the first time we really knew who "Bani Igaaru" was.

Bani has the distinction of being one of the principals in the Errant Commentary filler art that appears between several of the later chapters. She and Sara Amraphel get some opportunities for snarkage in this capacity that are basically denied them in Errant Story itself.

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