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First Appearance: 2006/02/08
Appears In: Chapter 18
02/08, 02/10, 02/13
Mentioned In:

Tony is one of the bandits who accost Ian Samael in the forest near Thranel. He's the one who gets to carry the big gun, which on the one hand makes him seem important (at least important enough to have a name), but on the other hand means that he and his gun are the first to meet an unfortunate end when Ian decides he's tired of being a muggee. He gets distracted by the Tsuiraku Crystal Doohickey (most likely a crystal ball), Ian gets off a spell, and that's that. Jim's report of the demise of Tony and his fellow bandits is the first clue that Sarine, Jon and Meji get that Ian may have made it to their quarry before them, although somehow they don't seem to notice.

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