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A character race of sorts, encountered in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. No such race exists in the Poe-verse, although there's always a possibility that some of the golems there are blue, either in pigmentation or in mood.

They're introduced in the very early going, as player character Lucas hangs out with one Ayiee, a member of the race. Ayiee mainly follows Lucas around and does what he tells her to, but as the game goes on, develops a certain amount of independence of thought and purpose that leaves us wondering just exactly what all she's capable of. Clearly her skill set is formidable: she's seen nursing an infant (with fingertips, no less, rather than the more customary organs), detaching a piece of herself as a spy system, casting a Healing spell, and doing all manner of other interesting stuff -- and we get the impression that we haven't seen it all, by any means. Another "skill" she has is that of dazzling male members (or should we say males' members?) of the cast with her well-endowed and sometimes scantily-clad body, which is actually typical of blue golems: apparently they recharge through exposure to sunlight, which requires that they be, well, exposed.

Later, another blue golem shows up aboard a submersible boat belonging to the mysterious Birdkeepers. The player characters don't really interact with this golem directly, but he's known to be there following a skirmish in the Waldhaxen Channel. This one doesn't do much except establish a mood, and give the impression that the Birdkeepers are a group (race? species? who knows?) to be taken seriously.

According to Lucas, when he found Ayiee and got her back to some level of functioning (with some disquieting help from Ayiee herself...), there was a substantial pile of other bits and pieces of blue golems as well. This may imply that they were comparatively common in the Good Old Days (they're of dwarven manufacture), and that we could be seeing more of them.

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