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Lucas Ravanel is a character in the Errant Road free-form on-line role-playing game, played by Viking-Sensei. Like all Errant Road player characters, he doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. His basic concept can be found in this thread on the Forum.


History: The child of a man from Farrel and a woman from Tsuiraku, Lucas grew up in Kiyoka about two blocks down the street from Bani, who he occasionally played with. After his father passed away in a bizarre magical accident when he was 10, he and his mother moved to Tsuirakushita (the slang name used by the locals to define the "City-surrounding-the-city" area under Tsuirakushiti proper). He attended Sashi Mu until a year before Bani arrived, until an accident during a simple lab experiment (most likely caused by the carelessness of his lab partner Kureji Mesuinu) caused him to be suddenly and violently teleported to somewhere in the Northern Territories.

Because Lucas spent the next year or so attempting to return home, walking and doing odd jobs to pay his way, he never technically finished magic school. While Lucas can cast spells, he tends not to... in part due to the fact that he never got his official mage license, and in part due to a growing paranoia that magic is somehow "out to get him". He does however own an array of magical devices, several of which he picked up while lost in the Northern Territories, which he uses from time to time.

Lucas owns a familiar, a next-generation "EverKitten" named Bob. As the name indicates, Bob is perpetually kitten-sized. Bob's line was produced by a rival company to the main familiar manufacturer, and therefore posesses a number of features not found on standard models. Bob can cast magic, albeit not very powerful magic, and can fly (well, hover) without wings. Bob can also talk, can be used as a rolodex, has a built-in comprehensive index of commonly used spells and any material components they require, and can be used as an emergency communication device. Unfortunately, due to the relatively high power consumption for this model, Bob spends most of his time asleep, out of harm's way, on Lucas' head.

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