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A major locale in the Errant Road on-line free-form role-playing game. As far as we know, it doesn't exist in the Poe-verse. On the other hand, we know so little of the Errant World's Northern Confederacy that something like it just might be there; who knows?

Goriel is the site of a particularly long-running set of threads in the game (starting here, although it was named earlier), and multiple adventures, involving most of the long-standing player characters and a whole raft of named NPCs, have happened there. Accordingly, it has been developed particularly extensively as regards culture (although it is an ... uncultured place), character interactions, etc. This article is a work in progress that will require all sorts of expansion. If you don't see a particular favorite character or group or social phenomenon mentioned here, patience; it's probably coming.



For such an important site, we really know surprisingly little about where it is and how it fits into the Errant World. It is a major city somewhere in the northern part of the Northern Confederacy, far enough north that the climate is harsher than in other known Confederacy cities like Salvus, Santuariel, and so on. It is in rugged country, with a significant mountain range to its north that may represent the border with the little-known Far North where the dwarves used to hang out, and trolls still do. Note that apart from the adventures in the mountains, and possibly one airship overflight (that's the polite word) near the end of the main, long-running story arc, no Errant Road action has taken place in the ER version of the Far North, so Goriel is more or less the ne plus ultra of the game. That's about all we know of its actual location.

The nearest major city to Goriel appears to be the very different Refuge-Nouveau, which may or may not be "major" in terms of size but is important in the game, partly because of its fierce antipathy to all things Gorielian. Goriel is clearly the larger of the two, though, as Refuge-Nouveau, while they'd like nothing better than to reduce the place to a smoking ruin (after liberating the enslaved women there, of course), can't begin to take it on militarily and have to settle for rescuing women from there one at a time. Such a rescue was in progress when Goriel first appeared in the game, and another is part of the main, long-running thread collection.




Named clans in Goriel include:

Interactions with other locales

Characters from Goriel

Player characters

  • Anfisa is the only PC actually "from" Goriel (so far).
  • Therese, though not a citizen of the city (to put it mildly -- she'd probably react violently to anyone suggesting she was, although it might also be taken as a compliment on her disguise abilities), is first encountered here.

Named NPCs

Events and adventures

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